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Why has $900bn been wasted so far in cloud migration?

That’s a lot of money! Of the $1.75 trillion spent so far that is what is believed to have been wasted on failed projects and misguided purchases. Migrating to the cloud (when appropriate) is supposed to save money and or improve an organisation so it can make or save money. So if some of your practices and projects so far have not quite hit the mark then you are certainly not alone.

If we look at the fundamentals of migrating to the cloud you can see that there are seven key stages to setting up for success:

Each of these stages are critical and should all be considered in detail. Most of the time however, organisations miss one or several of these steps. In simple terms, the foundations need to be set up correctly so you have a platform on which to build or implement your outcomes.

Like with anything in life start with the why… Why are you doing what you are doing? Why do you want to do it this way? And why do you want to use a particular supplier? Once you comprehensively can answer these questions you can then get clarity on your action list and implementation methodology.

Here is a quick check list for you to help:

· Is your network set up correctly and scalable as and when demand increases?

· Do you know how much bandwidth your applications do and will use?

· Do your remote workers or sites need the same experience?

· Do you have the right people or a company to manage the migration?

· What did you learn the last time you did this?

· Have you got the right flexibility from your provider so when things change (as they will), you are able to adapt quickly?

· Can the applications you need critically be hosted in the cloud (many cannot)

· Are the applications totally secure from end to end – zero trust!

· Have you got the right team in place to make it a success?

This is not an exhaustive list but if you can answer these questions successfully your money is far less at risk as is your project.

Migrating to the cloud is not straightforward and you should always seek independent advice. It is highly lightly that you will require the services of more than one supplier to implement your move (depending on size and scope).

The choice of suppliers and teams to help you is critical. We can help you with both!

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