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ESIMS – what is all the fuss about?

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Over the last 12 months this market has exploded. Partially due to the adoption of IOT, SD-WAN and remote working (broadband backup etc.) but also due to the huge strides providers have made in the technology itself.

ESIMS’s are data only SIM cards that are used for all sorts of reasons from radio, fridges, wind farms, site back up and so forth. They are carrier agnostic so you can get multiple carriers on one SIM.

They are rapidly becoming a credible alternative to current wide area networks because you can remain always on, have fixed IP addresses (including BGP routing) and run them as a layer 2 network addition or alternative. This means that many organisations are bleeding them into their current networks for security, backup and cost efficiencies.

Commercially the costs have decreased significantly and the array of bundles and tariffs are more than enough to be suited to any need. Also you can now get these SIMS on shorter term contracts which allows for far more flexibility.

Global reach: The other advancement is reach. ESIMS are now available in nearly every country in the world and can be controlled by a single platform so you can remotely manage them from anywhere.

So as your business expands and grows and develops it is well worth keeping in mind what technology is now available for you.

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