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How to keep homeworkers online

Whilst home broadband does not have any real SLA’s or fix times, companies don’t generally bother putting in business grade connectivity because of the cost and marginal improvements in performance.

So what can you do if productivity is effected because of domestic broadband issues? Do some people use it as a reason/ excuse for a few hours off? How can you help them stay connected?

The answer is simple and cost effective in terms of what you can do, and it uses some very clever technology to do it.

You need two things:

1. A multi network SIM card

2. An intelligent router to let the two work seamlessly

Multi network SIM

You can now get ESIMS which are capable of connecting to any network depending on signal strength and throughput, they can even automatically swap networks if the signal strength changes.

They have a fixed IP address and content filtering for secure working and tunnelling to secure networks.

You can have a low data usage bundle applied to them and shared across all users so the costs are quite low and you don’t get bill shock if someone does have to use one for a day or two.

In the UK 4G is currently the best speeds you can get but they are 5G ready so when it comes you are future proofed. Internationally if 5G is available then you will have far better throughput.

Also all is managed through a portal so you can see usage and manage your estate.

The router to make it work

You will need to also provide an intelligent router capable of being easy to deploy (plug and play) which detects when the home broadband is down and automatically switches over to the cellular network. Luckily one exists which does this.

There are a couple of other clever things it can do. It will switch back once the broadband is up and running, automatically. Also the home worker can just use that router for work and the rest of the household can be shut out when bandwidth is low.

The router simply plugs into the home broadband router and away you go. They are less than £200 so not expensive, and you don’t need an engineer to install it either so installation costs are greatly reduced.

So there you have it, a simple elegant solution to a very common problem. If you would like to know more or trial this please email us at or call us on +44 208 189 7303.

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